Natural ◊ Beautiful ◊ Emotive


A wedding is one of those very rare and fleeting moments in life when all manner of emotion and expression are there in their purest form. It is a privilege to photograph not just the story of the day, but also the people who make it what it is.





Farnham Castle
Sally & Greg

My last wedding of 2016 and what a great place to end the year! Sally and Greg picked a stunning spot overlooking a foggy Farnham to celebrate their marriage in style. Needless to say, there was a really festive atmosphere being so close to Christmas and the party was...

Cain Manor
Emma & Alex

Emma & Alex couldn’t have chosen a more perfect spot in Surrey to exchange vows and celebrate their marriage. Cain Manor is one of those perfect little hideaways where you can just cosy up by the fire and catch up with family and old friends. Congratulations...

Ramster Hall
Tilly & Will

What a perfect (if somewhat chilly!) December day for Tilly and Will’s wedding in Haslemere, Surrey. Tilly prepared for the big day ahead at her parent’s home just a few minutes away from St. Bartholomew’s Church. After a lovely ceremony at the...

Funny how as a documentary wedding photographer I often get approached towards the end of the day and asked the same sort of question. ‘You did get enough pictures didn’t you?’ It’s usually accompanied by a hint of tongue-in-cheek and just a soupcon of anxiety. After all, the couple and their guests have spent the entire day on the other side of the camera and have barely had a chance to notice me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I usually take some posed family shots and pictures of the couple, I would probably go completely unnoticed.

It goes with the turf of being a documentary wedding photographer. Shooting in this candid style means that you not only need an eye for a good photograph, but you also have to have a kind of social sensitivity. 

Of course, all of this leads to photographs that show real and emotive moments. After all, your wedding day happens just once and what you’re probably hoping for is an amazing day and pictures to remind you of it for the rest of your lives.

I may be a wedding photographer based in Surrey, but I’ve shot all sorts of weddings. From Sussex to Scotland, and from Farnham to France. But one thing always holds true for every single wedding. Come rain or shine, it’s a beautiful and important day that is to be enjoyed by all and respected by those who have been lucky enough to be chosen to contribute.